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Our mission

A greek community of people dedicated to promote women's engagement with technology & science. Its main activities consist of free workshops, meetups open to anyone interested, as well as partnerships with other tech communities and local chapters of Thessaloniki.

  • Sept 2014


    We first met at a conference considering women and technology where most of us were volunteers. While discussing this issue with the rest of the attendees, we felt it was our obligation to raise awareness about it, get together and do something. That was when SheSharp was born.

  • May 2015


    Currently, our core team consists of almost twenty members, coming from various different backgrounds. We are all interested in promoting equality and knowledge transfer, as well as cultivating a positive culture of mutual respect, through free seminars and workshops open to anyone interested.

  • 2015-


    As the tech industry is growing, the need to fix the gender gap becomes more vital. We, as a team, hope to inspire girls to get more involved with technology and science. More and more events and workshops are going to be organised! Stay tuned...


Upcoming and past events, newest to oldest.


Wikipedia Hackathon

Fedora Women Day

Diversity & Inclusion


Shifting Memories...

2nd Editathon

Diversity and Wikipedia Contributors


F*ck yeah blockchain!

Illustrator Workshop

All you need to know about design

Arduino Day 2016

Bringing together people and projects


Make things move!


Make arduino, not war!

Hash Code

Solve a real-life engineering problem from Google

Intro to Web Development

Don't Just Browse, Create!

1 (She)Sharp Year

Nothing new to learn here, just a celebration!


Photoshop Seminar

1st Editathon

Massive edits on greek Wikipedia

Arduino Coffee Break

An introduction to Arduino

Hour of Code

An introduction to Javascript and HTML Canvas

Our Team

Antigoni-Maria Founta

Andy is a Data Scientist wannabe, currently studying at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is passionate about... well pretty much anything that has to do with data and geography. Here at SheSharp, among many other stuff she is the Social Media guru.

Aikaterini Katmada

Katerina is a Computer Science graduate from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AuTh) and an aspiring artist. She a holds a BSc in CS from the Informatics Dept. of AuTh, as well as a MSc from the same department. Her interests include UX, HCI, computer games art & design and visual arts. She spends her free time etching and improving her printmaking skills!

Annie Chatsatrian

Annie is an IT student at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, interested in artificial intelligence and data analysis. She likes learning new things and talking about technology.

Amalia Vradi

Amalia studies Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia. She is an aspiring software developer and always seeks to discover new things. Apart from that she is into crafty and creative activities.

Theodore Keloglou

Currently, Theodore is an Applied Informatics student in the University of Macedonia, Greece. He is mostly interested in Web development and especially open source software. Despite being a "he", he supports and helps the team on domains he has experience.

Despoina Antonopoulou

Despoina graduated from University of Macedonia - Department of International and European Studies and holds a MSc in European Youth Policies. Besides her willingness to learn new things and experience new cultures, she loves interacting with people. Her moto is “Everyone gets what they deserve”.

Theodora Refiadou

Theodora has a degree in Administation and Finance and a degree in Public Relations and Communications as well. Her hobby is learning foreign languages, while she loves italian and russian. She was also involved with the art of photography for about 1,5 years. She is currently working in an office that provides marketing services.

Vicky Fiska

Vicky is student at the Department of Engineering at Informatics and Telecommunications, of the University of Western Macedonia. She loves the structure and logic of coding and always strives to write elegant and efficient code, whether it is for web or software developing. She hopes her individual commitment to be more than a help in this group effort. She also believes that a good team needs three things: the right people, the right spirit, and a couple inside jokes.

Efstratia Ampaza

Efstratia is an undergraduate student in the department of Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia. She is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Cryptanalysis. Her advice would always be to test your limits as only then you will know what you are capable of.

Argiris Paraskevas

Argiris is a full-time designer and part-time Informatics student. He helped design our logo and many of the graphics. He was also the host/tutor to our Photoshop Seminar. Finally -quoting him- he is more graphical than Photoshop!

Petros Gasteratos

Petros is a full stack web developer, a music engineer, a designer, our very own wildcard. He is part of the graphics team and is mainly occupied with the posters. Last but not least, he is also an Informatics student at the Ionian University.

Anastasia Solari

Anastasia is an automation engineer currently in her final year of study - carrying out her thesis, a robotics quadcopter project. She is highly interested in the design and development of electronics, robotics and automation. Known hobbies include hiking, electronic jewelry making and cats!

Nikos Triantafyllidis

Nikos holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Aristotle University as well as an MSc in System and Network Engineering from the University of Amsterdam. He is currently working as a Security Consultant in the Netherlands. His professional interests include Data Management, Systems Engineering and Cyber Security. He loves Jazz and Food (note the capital F), and prefers his outstanding work in programming, music and poetry speak instead of him. This section was in no way written by himself...

Katerina Toumpektsi

Katerina is an Architect and also holds a masters degree on Nanotechnology, Processes and Advanced Material Technology from AUTh. She is particularly interested in innovative research of architectural design, through the material aspect of architecture and the customization potential of parametric architecture, provided by digital technology. Her personal interests include architectural and conceptual competitions, applied arts and design, crafting, traveling and tango.

Dimitra Karakopoulou

Dimitra is a student at the Department of Economics in the University of Macedonia. She is interested in innovation, creativity and learning new things. She likes to be part of a team, to voluntarily participate in various events and to socialize with new people, as she believes that these traits help her to evolve.

Aristotelis Papadopoulos

Aristotelis is an undergraduate student in the department of Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia. He likes coding and he is a very organizational and businesslike person and it is obvious of how structured his programs are. Aristotelis wants to experience various things in life and that's what he suggests everyone to do

Alexandros Dorodoulis

Alexandros is an Economics undergraduate student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His interests include software development, data analysis and he is always thirsty for more knowledge.

George Kostopoulos

George is an Automation Engineer from Thessaloniki, Greece, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Internet and WorldWide Web, specializing on Data Science and Software Technologies, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My main interests include Web Mining & Data Mining as well as Text Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am also fascinated by Natural Language Processing, Social Computing and Web Development.

Special Thanks

There are some people that helped us a lot and in many different ways and we would like to thank them for their support.

Kakiousis Printings

Special thanks to Kakiousis Printings for the exquisite work regarding our prints, which he courteously provided us for free!

Katerina Stamou

Katerina has been mentoring us for the last few months. She is always trying to guide us and give her great advice on many things and we are lucky to have met her. Finally, we would like to thank her for believing in us and supporting us earnestly.

George Antoniadis

Geoah is a professional web developer who has helped us with both his advice and knowledge on the web. We would like to thank him for his support and guidance, specifically on the web development series workshops.

Konstantinos Liakos

Konstantinos is an excellent accountant and is our personal advisor on such issues, for which we are thankful - even though sometimes we are stubborn and don't listen to his well-stated advice.

Georgia Tsiamanta

Georgia was the first person outside the team that helped us through our very beginning. She is "feeding" us with information we find very useful and we would like to thank her for all the support.

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