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A greek community of people dedicated to promote women's engagement with technology & science. Its main activities consist of free workshops, meetups open to anyone interested, as well as partnerships with other tech communities and local chapters of Thessaloniki.

  • September 2014


    We first met at a conference considering women and technology where most of us were volunteers. While discussing this issue with the rest of the attendees, we felt it was our obligation to raise awareness about it, get together and do something. That was when SheSharp was born.

  • Present

    Currently, our core team consists of almost twenty members, coming from various different backgrounds. We are all interested in promoting equality and knowledge transfer, as well as cultivating a positive culture of mutual respect. Our favourite part of the day is when we work and create stuff together, as a team.

    The main actions we currently take include free seminars and workshops open to anyone interested as well as some projects we mainly develop inside the team. Moreover, we support and collaborate with many other communities. This way we hope to practically display and boost the existence of females in technology.

  • -


    As the tech industry is growing, the need to fix the gender gap becomes more vital. We, as a team, hope to inspire girls to get more involved with technology and science. More and more amazing things are going to be organised! Stay tuned...


Upcoming and past events, newest to oldest

Arduino Day 2017

Presentations and Projects

XMAS Party

Christmas + New Year Party!


Blockchain, hmmm...

Poster Design for Beginners

Academy Workshop

Birthday Party v.2

Celebrating two (She)Sharp years


Wikipedia Hackathon

Fedora Women Day

Diversity & Inclusion


Shifting Memories...

2nd Editathon

Diversity and Wikipedia Contributors


F*ck yeah blockchain!

Illustrator Workshop

All you need to know about design

Arduino Day 2016

Bringing together people and projects


Make things move!


Make arduino, not war!

Hash Code

Solve a real-life engineering problem from Google

Intro to Web Development

Don't Just Browse, Create!

1 (She)Sharp Year

Nothing new to learn here, just a celebration!


Photoshop Seminar

1st Editathon

Massive edits on greek Wikipedia

Arduino Coffee Break

An introduction to Arduino

Hour of Code

An introduction to Javascript and HTML Canvas


Projects we developed as a team or in collaboration with others

Earth is cool

Our participation for the NasaSpace Apps Challenge

Girl Up! Website

The website of the Girl Up! team


Our participation for the BorderHack hackathon

Our team proudly co-organizes DEVit, in collaboration with SKGTech

Our Team

Aikaterini Katmada

Annie Chatsatrian

Amalia Vradi

Theodore Keloglou

Anastasia Solari

Despoina Antonopoulou

Petros Gasteratos

Nikos Triantafyllidis

George Kostopoulos

Dimitra Karakopoulou

Efstratia Ampaza

Aristotelis Papadopoulos

Theodora Refiadou

Vicky Fiska

Katerina Toumpektsi

Alexandros Dorodoulis

Konstantinos Liakos

Zoe Chalvatzi

Dimitra Charalambidou

Philippos Karpou

Themis Zaimidis

Arnolnt Spyros

Eva Perontsi

Georgia Tsoupra

Dimitra Afrati

I'm sharp too!

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